How to Become a College Ambassador

As an Air Nest ambassador, your task is really simple, but also very important. We need real, determined people to spread the word about our company. Ambassadors do this openly and sincerely by trying out our products, tweeting about us, posting a photo on Instagram, providing feedback, and more. Want to be a college ambassador and earn a little extra commissions on the side? Perfect. This is for you. We need male and female ambassadors to help strengthen relationships with local retailers, promote our brand and online presence, provide valuable feedback, and promote our loungers through social media, campus events and community activities. As a means of compensation, campus reps are given personal Air Nests to lounge around, access to prototypes and not yet released products, Air Nest promotional materials such as stickers, banners, shirts, and hats, and the ability to be the sole event coordinator and Campus Rep at your university. As a campus rep you will help to increase the popularity of the brand on your campus. Sound like fun? Just fill out the application below, and we’ll reach out to you.


Becoming a Model for Air Nest

To become a Sponsored model you must first be accepted by filling out the form below.  As an Air Nest model you will be expected to use the product in a photo shoot, at any events, outdoor activities, and so forth. We ask that all photos are shot in the highest settings possible. You will then email all of your photos to us for us to use as possible advertisement and or marketing materials. Please make sure that you provide us with some sample photos of your previous modeling experience. All photos submitted or posted promoting Air Nest by anyone who has entered the Model program are the property of Air Nest.  Air Nest has the right to use said photos or other materials as it sees fit as marketing collateral, advertisements, etc.  By emailing your photo to Air Nest you confirm that you are the sole owner of all rights to the photo, and that you transfer all rights to Air Nest.

Model Requirements: 
You must be at least 18 years old to become a model. At least minimal experience with quality cameras, and previous modeling experience is required.


Serious submissions will be reviewed monthly and you will be notified if you are selected.

We really thank you and value our customers and supporters. Remember, one tweet or picture can go a long way. Good luck to you all and thanks for choosing Air Nest!

God Bless,
Air Nest


Fill Out The Application Below

Air Nest Ambassador

  • Please submit previous modeling photos for review
  • Please submit previous modeling photos for review
  • Please submit previous modeling photos for review
  • Please submit previous modeling photos for review
    By checking the "I Agree" box you agree that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are not applying to be a model check the box saying that you are not applying to be a model.