1. Swing

Unroll the Air Nest completely. Open 1 of the 2 chambers while holding the other closed. Step forward and swing in a straight line to scoop air into the mouth of the Air Nest. Remember to close the tabs after each scoop. After the first chamber is about 80% full, flip over and repeat for the 2nd chamber.

2. Roll

Place the Air Nest on its’ side and roll the end inward to compress the air and tighten the body of the Air Nest.

3. Snap

Once the Air Nest is fully tightened and the body full of air, bend the tabs downward to snap the buckle in place to lock it.

4. Relax

Set the Air Nest on the ground with the logo right side up and lay down to relax!

How to Inflate the Air Nest

SWING   |   ROLL   |   SNAP   |   RELAX